Paragon: Marching to its own Drummer

Paragon, it’s still FREE!!!!! Currently Paragon is in its open BETA Stage and even at this stage it feels like a complete game. Yes, EpicGames will need to continue to balance and patch their game but I’ve been playing since early July and it only gets better, every single time I play it! (Hopefully you heard the World’s Best Beetlejuice impersonation.) Previously, I wrote an article introducing Paragon that mentioned anything you earned during your time in Early Access or the BETA would remain yours when the final game was released. I visited Epic Games website today and I couldn’t find that statement any longer. Hopefully, the claim is still true.

Paragon: 21 Heroes and counting

As I stated earlier, I’ve been playing since early July and so far Epic Games has kept their word regarding the Heroes. They’ve released a new FREE Hero every three weeks. The Heroes in order of appearance are; Greystone, The Fey and Narbash. Like most players, I would assume, I play each new Hero the week of its release. This allows me two things; 1) to get a better understanding of my opponents, should they choose the new character and 2) to play my part in Epic Games and Paragon’s Weekly Challenges. Once the new Hero Weekly Challenge has run its course I usually switch between heroes as I haven’t found my go-to favorite one. But two weeks ago when Narbash was released I think I found my soul mate; Shrek to my Fiona. Yes, Narbash is ugly but he is glorious.

Narbash is a classified as a Tank Hero right alongside Riktor, Sevarog, Steel and Rampage. Narbash’s basic stats are as follows: Basic Attack Power 3, Ability Attack Power 3, Durability 8 and Mobility 4. Paragon gives you 3 decent starter decks to choose from. I used these decks on a regular basis until I became comfortable with my Hero. Once I understood Narbash’s strengths and weaknesses I ventured into building my own deck for him.

Paragon: Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em and know when to walk away.

My Narbash deck consists of Order and Growth cards that help increase my tankiness and give me a little more power behind my attacks. Being that Narbash is a slow tank and his attacks require you to get close to the enemy I opted for more health instead of more attack power. I have a slow deck build; meaning most of my cards cost more than the typical 3 power to purchase. But once the game gets going and I have my two primary cards fully upgraded my momentum picks up and doesn’t slow down.

Narbash isn’t perfect as I have two major gripes about his abilities. I understand that he’s a large Hero and moves slow. This makes sense for his ‘Wallop’ attack. The speed at which he throws his drumstick for his ‘Thunk’ attack also makes sense. What doesn’t makes sense is his ‘March’ ability. This ability is described as giving +160 movement speed to Narbash and any nearby by allies or minions for 3 seconds. This is great for pushing points, but it slows Narbash down after activation. All Heroes have a default movement speed and I would like to see the ‘March’ ability add to the default movement speed and as long as I don’t hit an attack button have his movement speed fall back to the default movement speed and not the attack movement speed. My second gripe with Narbash is his ‘Crash Bang Boom’ ultimate attack. I would like to see an increased speed reduction to enemy heroes. Right now it applies a -200 movement speed. Maybe an increase to -300 would be a little better as I’ve had enemy heroes; cough cough Khaimera, speed through it and obliterate me. I would also like the ability to allow me to incorporate my ‘wallop’ and ‘thunk’ attacks. Narbash is a drummer and this is his Neil Peart solo opportunity so let me hit and throw my sticks.

Paragon: Grimus or Narbash? Too late you’re dead.

All in all I enjoy Narbash because he isn’t the strongest Hero in Agora. He’s a complex Hero that requires patience and strategy to use effectively. I tend to use him more as a Support Hero; using ‘Thunk’ to stun an enemy out of killing my teammate and using ‘March’ as a speed burst to increase the distance between life and death. And I love attacking the enemies Core and being able to pull my Super Minions to me.

Keep up the great work Epic Games. Paragon is living up to its name as it’s certainly a model of excellence for how MOBA’s should be.



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