The Last of Us: Down but not Out

Originally released on the PS3 June 14, 2013 The Last of Us was a sight to behold. I remember playing a Demo Disc that came with either God of War III or God of War: Ascension; I don’t remember which, and being blown away. I probably spent 8 hours playing the same level over and over again. I even let a close friend play it. The both of us immediately went our to reserve our copies. The Last of Us: Remastered was released almost a year later, July 29, 2014. Yes, I picked up a copy again. Yes, the story was all-encompassing and brought you into the world Neil Druckmann created but that’s not why I’m here today. I’m here today because I spent 4-5 hours a night over the first year playing the PvP mode Factions. It was intense, personal and intimate in the way that nightmares can only be to the person dreaming but this time I could record in console and share my highlights with friends. Then Destiny came along and I left The Last of Us behind. (See what I did there?) But here it is just over 3 years later and I just spent another 4 hours with my friends having a blast. Naughty Dog you did a great job. There’s no other gaming experience like this. In the video below you’ll see almost 15 minutes of glory, it’s to shiv for. It’s a hot one!

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