Paragon But Not Forgotten

In 2o16 Epic Games will bring us Paragon, a third person MOBA that is currently in its “Early Acess” phase. I acquired my access through the PlayStation Store for “free” with my PS Plus membership. I’m new to MOBA’s and I couldn’t ask for a better game to introduce me to the genre. Once you’ve downloaded the game you’re asked to create an account with Epic Games. After that there are a few “Play” options, I would suggest learning the game by playing the Player vs AI option. Paragon appears to offer a lot of gaming and so much more; Hero skins, daily and weekly rewards, community events and new Heroes every three weeks. This doesn’t even include the unique rewards you’ll find in The Starters Pack or The Founder’s Pack. Each Hero also has their own Master Challenge to conquer.

A Model of Excellence.

Right now you might be asking…yourself, “Self, this is great and all but it sounds like another mindless shooter. Is there any depth to the gameplay?” Here’s Oprah with your answer, “YOU’RE GETTING GAMING DEPTH! YOU’RE GETTING GAMING DEPTH! EVERYONE IS GETTING GAMING DEPTH!!!!” Epic Games is delivering with a unique strategic Card Deck mechanic. Your Hero gains abilities and power by purchasing cards and adding them to your button configuration/hot key. And because the cards directly affect gameplay the cards can only be earned by playing the game. “But wait, there’s more!” Anything you earn now in the “Early Access” phase will remain yours. It will not be wiped or reset.  If this sounds interesting to you and your mind is blown over the fact that you won’t lose earned items, I would highly suggested picking this game up today.

10 thoughts on “Paragon But Not Forgotten”

  1. This game is an absolute blast to play, and the customization systems are deep and rewarding. With the additional heroes coming, I’m sure this game will be around for a while. As usual, great review.

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      1. Thanks! 😀 Also, are you currently sharing your work with any other sites or platforms at the moment? I’m a community manager over at, and I think great articles like this would work well on the site. If you were keen on the idea of sharing your writing on our platform as well, I’d be more than happy to help you get started. Email is (o^.^)b


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