Paragon: On Dekk

This week I had the bright idea to challenge myself to write on a more consistent basis. That idea grew into a commitment to write brief articles on the game I’m enjoying most now, that game being Paragon. Immediately I came up with the idea for the article/section Paragon: On Dekk. This title of course describes the game I’ll discuss/cover with the flavor text “On Dekk” referring to both upcoming content or just released content and will act as a play on words to my currently used most frequently played Hero Dekker. I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading. 

November 10, 2016 marks the release date of the PS4 Pro and with the release we welcome the chance to play our favorite PS4 Games. One such game being Paragon.  I’ve been playing Paragon since late June, early July 2016 and I continue to fall in love with it. Epic Games, Paragon‘s Developer, continually keeps their community informed and “rewarded.” Paragon released its Patch V.34 this week which offers some much-needed tweaks to game play, new features and of course new Hero skins.

Epic Games continually keeps its Paragon community informed and up to date. With the release of V.34 we’re treated to several bug fixes regarding the Heroes of Agora. They also fixed some bugs regarding the Jungle Minions. While I’m not sure if I agree with Epic Games making Paragon more beginner friendly (I mean, I had to learn the hard way) they have implemented a warning ring on towers. Green for go and Red for stop or that the Tower has chosen you as its target. I guess the saving grace is that this feature will be disabled once the player reaches Hero Level 6. Epic Games does, after all, want to continue to grow its player base.

This week we also saw the implementation of the new feature the “DeathCam.” Epic Games hopes that this feature will be used as a learning tool that allows you to see what abilities the enemy team used to turn you into little amber balls. “Amber is the color of your energy, whoa oh!”  For the complete rundown on this weeks patch click V.34.

What is a game without rewards? It’s one of the main reasons some of us devote our entire lives to gaming. To reap the rewards. To be the first one to have something that no one else has. To be the best there ever was or is. Paragon provides a different perspective on “rewards.” To me, the rewards in Paragon come in the form of Hero Skins and Heroes. Sure, this technically isn’t a reward and you have to pay for the Hero Skins but Paragon is currently free-to-play and hard-working Heroes over at Epic Games need to eat. Also, money spent on Hero Skins allows Epic Games to continually fine tune this game we all love. The “ultimate” reward comes to us every three weeks with release of a new Hero. And you guessed it, this new Hero is free. Today we were treated with a Teaser Trail for the New Hero that will have a full announcement trailer tomorrow, November 10, 2016.



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