The Last of Us Part II

It’s been over 4 years since the outbreak brought us The Last of Us and here we are still playing Factions, the multiplayer mode for the game. What it is about this game that makes my friends and I continually want to return for the raw, brutal carnage of Factions? Is it the gritty-ness of the graphics? The chess like maneuvering you must execute while trying to out smart, out-wit and out play the opponent? Is it the close intimacy that only a shiv kill brings? Is it the personal appreciation and hatred of being kill by a shiv when you swear you just “listened” and no one way there? Is it the bonding one experiences when working together as a team? It is that great joy of feeling and thinking “I can do this” when the odds are stacked against you? The answer to these questions, and many unanswered questions, is YES.

Even with the odds stacked against you, you believe you can do it, and so you must prove you can do it.

The Last of Us is a last generation game, made exclusively for the PS 3, that was Remastered for the PS4 in 2014. I kept my PS3 plugged in for the sole purpose of playing Factions with my friends. (Yes, the Story Mode was beyond amazing and emotional but that’s an article for a different time.) When the Remastered version came out I think I bought three copies, one for myself and I gave two to my friends so they didn’t have to buy it again. Here we are four years later still playing this game smiling, laughing, tea-bagging and celebrating. And here we are four years later pissed off cursing our enemies mothers and wishing horrible things happen to them as we create unique phrases to demean our enemies, the victors.

With The Last of Us Part II shooting for a release in 2018 here’s to hoping the Multiplayer mode doesn’t change at all. Sure, increase the quality of graphics and the frame rate. Slightly tweak the mechanics. Keep the solid weapons, maybe add a hatchet or axe, definitely a baseball bat (a la Lucille) and slightly balance out some of the existing weapons (Cough! Cough! the Spectre) but mostly keep the loadouts and perks the same.  DEFINITELY, provide Developer monitored Servers, get away from Host migration. And provide anti-cheating software like PunkBuster or GameGuard. But don’t change this game mode too much Naughty Dog.

Without this game where else can friends get a classic home cooked meal? No where.



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