If you were lucky enough to have downloaded the Beta this past weekend, July 28th through July 31st, for the FPS game LawBreakers hopefully you and I shared the same experience. Developed by Boss Key Productions LawBreakers delivers fast paced action packed shooting that defies the laws of gravity. At first glance the game doesn’t seem too appealing, there are technically only 6 playable characters (yes, I’m aware there are 12 but the other 6 feel like re-skins.) But after spending some time with the game and discovering that the game (when it releases) and all future content will only cost you $29.99, that’s a deal that shouldn’t be passed up. If you’re looking for a FPS that isn’t Call of Duty, Overwatch (Boss Key Productions possibly borrowed or were inspired) or Destiny than LawBreakers will probably be worth your time and money.

Don’t mind my horrible skills in the video below, it’s been some times since I’ve played a FPS.


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