Destiny 2 Beta: First Impressions

Who here remembers their first “lust”? You couldn’t keep your eyes, hands or mouth off of him or her. You were inseparable. Every waking moment you had to live, breathe and eat this person. You thought that they were the one, the one that could change it all. Save you. That you could help save. That you could grow together. You laughed together. You cried together. You pulled off the unthinkable together. And it was all made possible because you were together.

Then, without much warning the other person slowly started to change. They had made promises that they didn’t plan on keeping but they said they would because they “didn’t want to hurt you.” Slowly but surely you stopped be a Co-Op. They wouldn’t let you “raid” their panties any time you wanted to, any way you wanted to. All of a sudden your attention and loyal came had required conditions. It became less about you and more about them. It was no longer about the collective “we.”

Now you’re alone, maybe not, going from game to game trying to fill that void until he or she comes back. Sure, you may be jaded but there’s that chance that if they come back everything will be different. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you…Destiny 2.

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Destiny will always hold a very special place in my heart. In its early stages it was pure and fun and everything a game of its stature should be. Sure, as time passed it grew into a game that we didn’t always agree with but at its core it was still the same lovable game. Destiny had its own smell; it smelled like the warm sun on the back of an old couch in the middle of Summer. It smelled like a fresh rain in the early morning, cool and welcoming yet somehow off-putting with a warning of what might come.

As I’ve said before Destiny slowly changed over time, sure, I played my part in the change too. My needs and wants changed as the game changed and I’m confident enough in my gaming performance to say that we grew apart. I stopped returning its invitations. I know longer wanted to raid. Destiny grew stale. Don’t get me wrong the group efforts were amazing and fun but that has more to do with the other players and less to do with Bungie continually selling me the same product in a different packaging.

Destiny 2 might as well be Destiny before Destiny was Destiny. Destiny 2 is a huge step back in gaming development for a studio like Bungie. Where Destiny was crisp, clear, cut, fine lines in character and weapon design Destiny 2 is a smeared conglomeration of all of the things you remember about Destiny but something’s not quite right. Think of it as a Thanksgiving Day dinner, you have the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and even yams but they are mashed and smeared together, sure it tastes familiar but it looks like shit. That’s Destiny 2.

The shooting doesn’t seem as tight or as accurate in Destiny 2. I experience greater accuracy from distance with an Assault Rifle than I did with a Scout Rifle. The hit box seems almost both nonexistent and overly abundant at the same time.

The abilities seem like a huge retread of Destiny, yes I understand that not much should change but the execution comes across as lazy and doesn’t make sense (at least not in the Beta) as to why they’ve been restructured.

The character and weapon design are like cooked hot dogs, their plump. Gone are the sharp lines of weapons and character models of Destiny. In Destiny 2 they’re replaced with thick plump weapons that look like they belong in a backyard barbecue instead of saving the galaxy from evil forces.

Destiny 2 Beta_20170715230102
Destiny 2 Beta

What the literal fuck Bungie? Destiny provided a gaming experience like no other in all aspects of gaming; design, mechanics, story and so much more. And in Destiny 2 you shift the color and model palette over to dark and ominous for what? Because Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem seem inspired by your work three years ago with vanilla Destiny, bright worlds and inspired characters. Now, in Destiny 2 we get dark crap because the Traveler has been destroyed and our light is gone. Fuck you! I cancelled my pre-order of Destiny 2 and I hope everyone else does too. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It’s a good thing that Naughty Dog understands how to make a great gaming experience, I’m so glad that I can always return to the classic PS3 game The Last of Us. Fuck you Bungie! I hope the Cabal steal your light, oh wait, looks like they already did.

Don’t forget to cancel your Pre-Ordered Games players, speak with your wallet, that’s the only way they’ll ever learn.

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