NieR: Automata Demo

Earlier this year I gave my first impressions on FINAL FANTASY XV and I have to say that Square Enix left me wanting. Wanting what exactly? I wasn’t too sure at the time. Maybe I was expecting more from Square Enix. Maybe I was upset that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XV were in a limited release that required you sign up to be on a waiting list that I’m still waiting for. There are just some Collector’s Editions you can’t pass up, even if they’re $269.99. So I missed out on the Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XV and I wasn’t that impressed with Final Fantasy XV as a game. What’s a boy to do? Spend money of course. While scrolling through Facebook I came across an ad for a game called NieR: Automata. It looked interesting to say the least. So to teach Square Enix and Final Fantasy XV a lesson I pre-ordered the NieR: Automata Black Box Edition. Take that Square Enix.

On December 22, 2016 I received an email notifying me that the Demo for NieR: Automata was available for download. Of course I would like to download. I mean I’ve already dedicated $189.99 by pre-ordering the Black Box Edition so I might as well see what I’m getting myself into. It’s not like I can cancel my pre-order, once it’s done it’s done. I’m committed. So what am I in for? Let’s find out. Here’s a glimpse of a mission in NieR: Automata.

NieR:Automata DEMO 120161128_20161222214513
NieR:Automata DEMO

NieR: Automata is an Action RPG that touches on many aspects of gaming genres; obviously RPG, action adventure type mechanics, mild platforming and there’s even some overhead arena old school Contra style game play. NieR: Automata shifts game mechanics and camera angles so seamlessly that you hardly notice the change. What you do notice is how much fun you’re having. You might also notice possible inspirations from other games or Sci-Fi and Anime movies.

NieR:Automata DEMO 120161128_20161222215436
NieR:Automata DEMO: Akin to ‘Akira’?

With the futuristic backyard and storyline I immediately thought of a few movies that the developer PlatinumGames might have used for inspiration; Akira for its bleak futuristic environment and Studio Ghibli’s ‘Castle in the Sky’ and ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’ for the juxtaposition of robots/technology and nature. While fighting the demos boss I was reminded of Team Ico game Shadow of the Colossus. Whatever their inspirations, PlatinumGames is onto something special here with NieR: Automata. Their level and character designs are beautiful, mysterious and left me wanting more. I hope the story will do the same.

NieR:Automata DEMO 120161128_20161224093633
NieR:Automata DEMO 9S, pod and 2B or not 2B…

I won’t offer up any spoilers here, I think everyone should play the demo, but what I’ve gathered so far is that you’re an android named 2B and you’re fighting a war against robots. The humans have left the world and nature is coming back to life. Whatever the story may be NieR: Automata has me excited to play and find out. I’m enthusiastic about the androids and the possibility of them being something more than, think ‘Blade Runner’.  I’m digging the entire androids appreciating nature vibe, see ‘Castle in the Sky’. Or what if the androids or robots destroyed nature? What if they’re used as weapons to destroy life similar to how they were used in ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’? Why are the characters blind folded? Why are emotions forbidden? What if NieR: Automata is one big futuristic version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? Whatever the story is, whatever the answers to these questions are I can’t wait to find out, March 7, 2017 can’t get here soon enough.

NieR:Automata DEMO 120161128_20161222222813
NieR:Automata DEMO “What’s in the box?”

The edition of NieR: Automata that I pre-ordered can be seen below. I don’t remember being this excited for a collector’s edition since The Division and that ended up being a big let down. It looks like 9S would give his left arm and left leg for this Black Box Edition.

NieR:Automata DEMO 120161128_20161222222204
NieR:Automata DEMO “I’m giving my left arm and leg for this edition, now take my money!”


Hopefully PlatinumGames and Square Enix deliver with NieR: Automata. I guess I’ll have to play the demo for the umpteenth time. And if you haven’t downloaded the game yet or you’re waiting for the demo to download you can watch some game play footage below.


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