Final Fantasy XV: Trophies

With the release of Final Fantasy XV tomorrow November 29, 2016 a lot of Gamers and Fans of the series are sitting fat and happy knowing that with Thanksgiving last week those two or three extra plates of turkey will get them through this week. Final Fantasy games tend to be games we set in for the long haul. You are either a fan or you’re not. We all have our favorites too, mine is Final Fantasy VIII. I sunk a good portion of my Senior year in High School into Squall, his friends and their adventures. I spent countless hours making sure I had acquired every collectible possible. Yes, I used a Strategy Guide and yes, I plan on buying a guide for Final Fantasy XV. If you’re not catching my drift, prepare yourself for long hours playing, don’t forget to stretch, and prepare for spoilers ahead. Here is a list of achievements/trophies that you can work for:

The World Wanderer – Complete all Trophies

Insomnia’s Waking Nightmare – Completed the Prologue

Departure – Completed Chapter 1

No Turning Back – Completed Chapter 2

The Open World – Completed Chapter 3

Living Legend – Completed Chapter 4

Dark Clouds – Completed Chapter 5

A Way Forward – Completed Chapter 6

Party of Three – Completed Chapter 7

Seaworthy – Completed Chapter 8

Callings – Completed Chapter 9

The Heart of a King – Completed Chapter 10

In the Dark – Completed Chapter 11

End of Days – Completed Chapter 12

Redemption – Completed Chapter 13

Homecoming – Completed Chapter 14

Chosen King – Defeated Ifrit on Normal Difficulty

Learner’s Permit – Drove the Regalia

Chocobo Jockey – Rode a Chocobo

Regalia Pilot – Rode the Regalia Type-F

Quadruple Threat – Equipped four weapon slots

Faithful Heir – Collected Thirteen Royal Arms

New Power – Learned first ability

Self-Improved – Activated 20 ability nodes

Self-Mastered – Activated 50 ability nodes

Angling Rookie – Improved fishing level for the first time

Survival Rookie – Improved survival level for the first time

Photo Rookie – Improved photography level for the first time

Cooking Rooking – Improved cooking level for the first time

Just Hangin’ Around – Performed first point-warp suspension

Brother-In-Arms – Issued first ally command

Blind Spot – Performed first Blindside link

Noct You Like a Hurricane – Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack

The Power of Kings – Called for the Armiger for the first time

High Five for Justice! – Played “Justice Monsters Five” for the first time

Immortal Photobomb – Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo

Spinning a Yarn I – Completed first side quest

Spinning a Yarn II – Completed five side quests

Spinning a Yarn III – Completed ten side quests

Spinning a Yarn IV – Completed twenty side quests

Spinning a Yarn V – Completed forty side quests

Weaving a Tapestry – Completed eighty side quests

My First Hunt – Completed first hunt

Tortoise Toppler – Defeated the  Adamantoise


With a somewhat solid video game library becoming available in the months ahead it will be difficult to decide how to allocate your time, especially with such a time sink demanding game like Final Fantasy XV. But I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to sinking into a Final Fantasy game again.

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