Final Fantasy XV

On November 29, 2016 we will be treated with the sweet release of the fifteenth main installment of the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix will deliver us Final Fantasy XV and like most installments in the series it promises to bring us some something old, something borrowed and something new. More than likely a lot of something new. It’s been some time since I’ve played a Final Fantasy game so the following will be new to me:

  • Final Fantasy XV is a completely open world. I remember dealing with one to two hours of tutorials before I could explore but now you can get right out into the world after the first ten minutes or so.
  • Final Fantasy XV is also offering a new combat system, more action based than turn based combat. Expect to see lots of interesting combos.
  • Leveling up used to occur at the end of each battle or instance. Now leveling up requires you to “camp” in order to collect your experience gained. There are specific locations you can level up or you can camp in the wild.
  • A new mode of transportation is The Regalia. The Regalia is your father’s car that is fully promising to be fully customizable.
  • And a staple in the Final Fantasy franchise; the skill tree, is being labeled as an Ascension tree. No materia or sphere grids to level up this time around. Any experience earned can be applied to an ability and the ability to apply is your choice based on your play style.

For a more detailed list of what you can expect in Final Fantasy XV you can click here.

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