Paragon: On Dekk with Update and New Skins

Last week on November 15, 2016 Epic Games released Paragon’s newest Hero Crunch. He was well received and the Paragon community was rewarded at large with 10,000 reputation every day that we logged in to play. With the release of new content and Heroes the game  is bound to bring out new bugs and the release of Crunch was no exception. With V.34.2 only a few minor bugs were addressed with the UI:

  1. In the Death Recap screen there was an issued where Re-Crunch was not displayed, this issue was addressed and now displays repeated ability.
  2. You can now set the Default Decks to Auto-Equip and when enabled cards will be purchased for you when you leave the base/core. You can disable this feature in the Card Shop.

Emotes were added for Countess and Iggy & Scorch were added.

  1. Countess: “Naughty Naughty” Emote
  2. Iggy & Scorch: “So Sleepy” Emote

And what would an Update be without skins? Especially skins for a brand new Hero that was released last week? Well, as Epic Games routine would have it, the Update wouldn’t be much. Crunch gets two brand new skins this week. The week after he was released. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for new skins and spending money on this lovely free game known as Paragon but SERIOUSLY EPIC GAMES??? Why couldn’t these new skins have been released last week when Crunch was released? Why do you think that the skins below couldn’t be released when Crunch was released?

Why are you neglecting your “core” line-up of Heroes of new skins? You can exclude Khaimera from your core Line-Up as I know he is a favorite and already has 7 skins to choose from. What about new skins for Feng Mao, Gadget, Grim.exe, Iggy &Scorch, Khallari and Riktor? All of these Heroes I consider part of the “core” Line-Up yet they all remain neglected with only 4 available skins. I would like at least one, preferably two, new skins for the remaining Hero roster so that the rest of the Paragon community can feel the love. I love your game on so many levels I contacted an Attorney to see if it was legal if I could marry it. I wish you would send some love to the rest of your Hero roster and stop releasing a new Hero and have the release week followed by new skins for the same Hero.

With that being said November 25, 2016; BLACK FRIDAY, is looking a lot brighter as Epic Games will have an EPIC MEGA SALE on all skins.


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