Persona 5: A Game Atlus hates to promote

Persona 5 is a Role-Playing Game developed and published by Atlus. The game arrived on April 4, 2017 and yet not much has been seen or heard about the game. For a beloved series that has a dedicated fan base one would think that as a developer you would want that fan base to grow. When I googled the number of units sold for Person 4 I found a number hovering around 1.2 Million. I understand these aren’t Call of Duty numbers but I imagine that 1.2 Million is a strong dedicated fan base and increasing that would be great for any developer. How do you increase your fan base in today’s Video Game market?

Stream! Stream! Stream! Stream! Stream! Stream! Stream! Stream! Stream!

I don’t know about you but when I want to check out a new game I go to YouTube or Twitch to watch live gameplay. I want to see if it’s a game I would be into visually. I want to hear the Streamers initial reactions and thoughts. I don’t care about the story, the story is something that either becomes personal and engaged by playing the game or it doesn’t and you walk away. The story won’t be ruined by me watching someone else play the game. Altus thinks otherwise. As of today’s date, April 6, 207, the Playstation 4 exclusive game known as Persona 5 cannot be streamed. Images cannot be captured. And videos cannot be saved. According to Atlus, this is because they don’t want their game’s story ruined. So while the few gamers that purchased Persona 5 might love the game, they can’t share that love because Altus won’t let them. Shame on you Atlus.  Any players progressing past the in-game calendar date of May 7th face a likely ban from Twitch or YouTube until the offending content is gone.

This is an interesting and somewhat ironic twist given the story behind Persona 5.  As a Japanese highschool student, you gain the ability to travel to a shadow world created by the desires of members of the public.  When those desires become “distorted”, a Palace is created and ruled over by the shadow version of that individual.  An example of this is a teacher that sexually harasses and physically abuses students; your team, the “Phantom Thieves”, then travel into this world to steal their heart and make them confess for their crimes.  It sounds like Atlus needs to have a “change of heart”.  If the Phantom Thieves are listening, give us a hand!

Published by: galoot247

I'm a working man with the "American Dream" list of responsibilities, limited time and money and I'm here to provide you my gut reaction first response to save you time and money. I'm a below average gamer that tries to make above average plays. I once lost 12 consecutive thumb wrestling matches to a 4 year old.

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