For Honor: Beta Continued

This past weekend, February 9th through February 12th, Ubisoft granted all gamers access to their Valentine Day released game For Honor. I originally covered the Closed Beta and offered an in-depth look at For Honor Beta. This time around we were given access to a new multiplayer game mode, Death Match. Death Match is similar to the game mode Brawl except instead of 2 versus 2 action we have a power house 4 versus 4. I don’t consider this mode a 4 versus 4 because you start 1 versus 1 and if you survive you race over to your teammate to help beat up the opposing enemy. Ubisoft does a great job with the environments, level design and character design but I feel this mode is wasted space. Instead of starting 4 pairs of enemies on different locations of the map I would like to see the level space condensed and start side by side my three teammates. This would bring a stronger team dynamic to the Death Match game mode. The same suggestion applies to the Brawl (2 versus 2) game mode as well.

When it came to character customization the For Honor Open Beta offered all of the same options as the Closed Beta. The characters still felt unbalanced and the Samurai and Viking factions were highly used, at least from the matches I played. Enemy Hero visibility was still slim during the Dominion game mode, hopefully this changes at launch or shortly after. Regardless of any issues I may have with For Honor in its current stage I’m excited to dive into the story mode on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love like blood, guts, a beheading and medieval warfare. I’ll be sure to scavenge your dead body on the battle field.

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