GOD EATER: Resurrection

Journal Entry # 1: What did I get myself into?

Some time ago I pre-ordered a game called GOD EATER 2: RAGE BURST. I wasn’t familiar with the series or game, all I knew is that I needed something to satiate my RPG gaming fix while I wait for Final Fantasy XV and this game looked interesting. The Developer and Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. said that if I pre-ordered their game not only would I get the “Day One Edition” I would also get GOD EATER: RESURRECTION along with some other fun DLC costumes based on characters from Sword Art Online: Hallow Realization, Tales of Zesteria and Tokyo Ghoul. That alone was worth my $59.99. Two games plus some extra DLC for the price of one,  of course I signed up. On June 28, 2016 there was a knock on my door. I looked through the peep-hole and saw men holding abnormally large guns and swords. I hesitantly opened the door and said, “How can I help you?” They looked at me in silence.  After a long pause the one wearing a long black trench coat said, “You’re coming with us.” He then proceeded to grab me by the shoulders, push me into his group and as I looked over my shoulders I saw him close my front door. After that I don’t remember much.

When I woke up I was told that it was the year 2050 and that some new form of life called “Oracle Cells” had begun their endless consumption of all life on Earth. They were violent  and could quickly adapt to any situation. The way Doctor Sakaki describes them is that they are thousands upon thousands of cells feeding off of each other. They can’t die and that is why they soon earned the name “Aragami”. It is believed that the Aragami are the spirits of the gods that were once worshipped here on Earth. The Fenrir Corporation developed a weapon that was Oracle Cell based. A living weapon. They are calling them “God Arcs”. I guess there was an extra pre-order bonus; enlistment into the Anti Aragami Punitive Force, they’re called GOD EATERS. The Fenrir Corporation wants me to be a GOD EATER. I report for my physical tomorrow.

Journal Entry # 2: Turn my head and cough?

Dr. Sakaki is the Lead Doctor at Fenrir Far East Branch. Most of the recruits call the place the Den. Dr. Sakaki helped found Fenrir and he’s very interested in my potential as a Rookie. He ran some tests and everything checked out. Actually, everything’s better than expected, he says I’m some New-Type God Eater. I can wield a Sword/Gun combo God Arc. No one’s ever been able to wield it before. They want me to run some Missions so they can test out my abilities. I’ll have to visit Hibari in the Entrance so she can assign me some training missions or Tutorials.

In the two Tutorials under the Difficulty 1 Section I’ll learn basic melee attacks as well as how to convert my God Arc from a Blade/scythe to a Gun (press R1) and different attack types (press Square Button or Triangle). I also learned how to jump by pressing the “X” button and I can do a dash by pressing the “O” button. I learned how to block by pressing and holding R1 with the “O” button. I also learned that my God Arc can “devour” the Aragami.I press and hold the Triangle button, this allows me to help boost my character and gives me a chance to collect items and materials that I can use for upgrading my weapons back at The Den. Once I complete the Difficulty 1 Missions I’ll have to explore The Den to find out where I should go next. I ran into Lindow he suggested that I befriend Soma and Kota and build a bond with them. God Eaters only become great by looking out for other God Eaters.

Before I’m deployed on a Mission, Hibari suggests that I go and talk to Tsubaki. Tsubaki is more than just a pleasure on the eyes, she’s a an intelligent strategist. She offers tips and suggestions on how to approach your upcoming Missions. I’ll have to remember to continue to visit her so that I can grow into the greatest God Eater ever. Where’s Kota? We have a Mission to run.

Journal Entry # 3: You’ve got a Friend in Me!

Here at Fenrir I may be the new recruit but I’m also a Private, that’s my character class. I’m going out daily on missions gathering materials from the environment and from the Aragami I kill. I don’t go alone though. I’m allowed to assemble a team. I don’t understand why though, the environments continue to be the same areas mission after mission. They’re small circular arenas that lake detail. I get it, it’s a post apocalyptic world and all but really? The world outside of The Den is restricted to the same 3 to 5 areas?

Anyway, I’m allowed to assemble a team for my missions and right now I have Sakuya (Medic Sergeant), Soma (Assault Sergeant) and the other new recruit Kota (Scout) out here with me. I also get to bring along a back up team member, they help by having their abilities activated during combat. For this mission I have Hibari joining us. Sure, it’s great that I’m making all of these new friends but something seems to be missing. I’ll have to think about that while I browse through the Terminal.


The Terminal is a database of sorts. There’s so much information here that sometimes I get lost. I can craft Melee weapons, Guns, Shields, Upgrades and Outfits. I also have the ability to craft materials while in the Terminal. This is so great. I have a lot of fun trying to figure out which items to craft and how they can best benefit another crafted item. I can also study up on Bullet types.

The Database located in the Terminal is filled with so much information that I’ve spent several hours reading all of the information contained within. I can receive mail from other recruits. Brush up on Skill Effects, Support Skills and Status Change Effects. There’s also a grimoire of the Aragami that I’ve encountered on my missions. I can also find information on the people I’ve met so far as well as materials I’ve salvaged. There appears to be endless information here it’s too bad that it couldn’t be incorporated into the game in a more engaging format. Anyway, I better get going, I have a mission to attend.

Journal Entry # 4: Same old Song and Dance.

I’m on my twentieth mission and I could have sworn I’ve been here before. Yes, I’m mentioning the area designs again. They’re small and very poorly detailed. This game is appearing to be a grind for materials and having to do the same type missions over and over again is even more burdensome when the environment doesn’t change. Also, the enemies that occupy the area are very few, sometimes only two or three enemies. Around every ten missions or so there is a “larger” mission that involves killing one of the larger Aragami. Once  I complete these missions though there really isn’t much reward, usually a small amount of experience and occasionally a few materials. When the mission is complete a timer starts counting down; usually 30-40 seconds, that allows you to explore the area for additional materials.

As I mentioned earlier there is a crafting ability. With the materials I’ve collected through my missions I’m able to craft melee weapons, guns, shields, crafting materials and upgrades. This a very basic crafting mechanic that adds a small amount of replay value, very small. I could purchase most of the gear and materials with the Shopkeeper. The Shopkeeper is a nice addition yet with any item you want to purchase you can’t see what the item looks like prior to purchase. This doesn’t make sense since you can see the items in the Terminal.

I’m learning new things about the lifespans of the Aragami and making news friends here at The Den but I’m not sure I’ll stay much longer. The missions are repetitive, the level designs bland, the story moves along at a slow pace and the lock on system for my God Arc really isn’t a lock on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having fun but there isn’t enough here to make me want to continue to play.

Journal Entry # 5: “This is the End…my only friend, the End.”

Fenrir has been good to me. My time here has been fun and informative. I love the way everyone looks despite the rest of the world being very simple and drab. The weapons are greatly designed. The combat is fun but seems to be lacking that little extra something. God Eater: Resurrection has fast load times and fast save times which help keep the pace of the story moving, especially when the story is told and is engaging, it normally isn’t. I understand Resurrection is an upgraded version of God Eater Burst that was originally released in Japan in October 29, 2015 but it doesn’t seem complete. On a standard review scale I would give God Eater: Resurrection a 6.5 out of 10. The big benefit to this game is that I got it for free because I pre-ordered God Eater 2: Rage Burst. I’ll return back to Fenrir when that game comes out. Until then I’m going out alone, I wish you luck God Eaters and don’t forget the number one rule, “Don’t die.”




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